Cars are more than just machines on four wheels designed to get you from point A to B; they're an intimate extension of who you are, a vessel of your personality and lifestyle. Just like you wouldn't neglect your personal hygiene, you shouldn't ignore the cleanliness of your car's interior. Enter Detail Bros, the quintessential interior car detailing service in Reno for those who won’t settle for anything but the best for their car’s interior.

The Genesis of Detail Bros

In 2023, Steven and Aden established Detail Bros with a singular vision: to elevate the automotive detailing game in Nevada. Rooted in a shared love for all things automotive, Detail Bros encapsulates the duo's passion for craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and superior quality. We understand that for many, a vehicle is not merely a mode of transportation but a prized possession that echoes their unique identity.

The "Full Detail Interior" Experience

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show: the Full Detail Interior package. If you’re the owner of a coupe or sedan, expect to invest $275 and above for a transformative makeover of your car's interior. For mid-size trucks, the package starts at $300, and for the SUVs and lifted trucks enthusiasts, the pricing begins at $325.

Here’s what’s included:

Full Deep Vacuum: Imagine all the crumbs, dust, and small debris that have made your car their permanent residence. A thorough vacuuming session ensures they're evicted.

Full Interior Blowout: This involves clearing out the nooks and crannies that even a vacuum can't reach.

Door Panels, Dash, Trim & Center Console Deep Cleaned: Forget those swipe-and-go cleanings. We dive deep into the hidden corners to ensure a comprehensive cleaning.

ALL Surfaces Steam Cleaned: Steam cleaning is the non-toxic way to disinfect all surfaces, thereby ensuring a germ-free environment.

Shampoo & Heated Extraction On ALL Fabric Seats & Carpet: This is the spa treatment your car never knew it needed but absolutely deserves.

Deep Clean & Condition Leather: The leather in your car should feel just as luxurious as it looks. Conditioning ensures it stays that way.

Interior Leather Conditioning & UV Protectant: Your car faces the sun just as much as you do; a UV protectant ensures that the sun's harsh rays don't affect the material.

Air Freshener (Optional): Cherry on top? An air freshener of your choice to give a finishing touch to the pristine interior.

Add a Little Extra with Additional Services

While the Full Detail Interior package is comprehensive, sometimes you need that little extra. Here's where our additional services come into play:

Pet Hair Removal: Starting at $25, because Fido shouldn’t leave his mark everywhere.

Trim Restoration: At $50, give your car's trim a new lease on life.

Odor Eliminator: Another $50 can make your car smell like it’s brand new.

Steam Clean Interior: Starting at $50, for when your interior needs a refreshing lift.

...and the list goes on, with several more services designed to meet unique needs.

Why Choose Detail Bros?

Our mission is not just to provide top-notch detailing but to forge a lifelong relationship with our clients. We take our craft seriously because we know that you take your car seriously. At Detail Bros, every car is treated as if it were our own. It's not just about a clean car; it's about exceeding your expectations, every single time.

Thank you for considering Detail Bros for your automotive detailing needs. We look forward to serving you and becoming a staple in the Nevada community.

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