Ceramic Coating

What Sets Ceramic Coating Apart?

At Detail Bros, we offer top-tier Ceramic Coating services to protect and enhance your vehicle's exterior. Our industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution meticulously applied by hand, creating a seamless blend with your car's paint. This process forms an additional Hydrophobic Sacrificial layer of protection, maintaining your car's factory paint job while providing unmatched defense against external elements.

Our ceramic coating isn't just a protective layer; it's a shield against dirt, grime, and staining, ensuring your vehicle's paint remains pristine for longer periods. Contrary to common misconceptions, ceramic coating isn't a substitute for paint protection film; it's a superior alternative to traditional waxing.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Hydrophobic Protection
Within our ceramic coating, a robust hydrophobic shield repels water effectively, ensuring that any water-based contaminants are effortlessly removed with a simple jet wash, leaving your car impeccably clean and free from residue.
Extra Layer of Defense
Our coating acts as a formidable barrier against chemical stains derived from airborne pollutants. By preventing these substances from bonding to your vehicle's paint, our ceramic coating offers protection against the ever-increasing challenges posed by urban pollution.
Enhanced Vehicle Value
Investing in Ceramic Coating not only preserves but also elevates the value of your vehicle. Through its superior protective properties, our coating safeguards the integrity of the factory paint job, ensuring that your car maintains its aesthetic appeal and resale value over time.
Showroom Shine
Experience a transformation in your car's appearance as our ceramic coating infuses a glossy finish and depth enhancement. Revel in the exquisite beauty of your vehicle's original paintwork, enhanced to its fullest potential by our expert application.
Wax-Free Maintenance
Bid farewell to the hassle of traditional waxing with our innovative nano-ceramic coating. Our coating forms a resilient crystal layer that renders conventional waxes and sealants obsolete. Enjoy long-lasting protection and a brilliant result that endures the test of time.
Coating & Paint Correction
Wheel Face Coating
Whole Wheel & Calipers

coating without paint correction

This service is our essential ceramic coating service designed to provide effective protection and enhancement for your vehicle's exterior without the need for paint correction. Priced at $600, this service offers a seamless application of our industry-grade ceramic coating, creating a durable hydrophobic shield that repels water and guards against environmental contaminants. With this coating, your car's factory paint job remains untouched while benefiting from added resilience, gloss, and ease of maintenance, ensuring long-lasting protection and a pristine appearance.
Industry-grade ceramic coating
Effective hydrophobic protection
Preservation of factory paint job
Enhanced resilience and gloss


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coating with paint correction

Experience our comprehensive ceramic coating service, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and protect your vehicle's exterior. Priced at $1200+, this premium package includes expert paint correction alongside the application of our industry-leading ceramic coating. Experience a flawless finish as imperfections are corrected, followed by the seamless integration of our protective coating. Ensure your car's paint achieves its full potential with enhanced resilience, gloss, and longevity, making every drive a showroom-worthy experience.
Flawless paint correction
Industry-leading ceramic coating
Exterior protection
Enhanced resilience and gloss


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wheel face coating

Our Wheel Face Coating service is tailored to elevate the appearance and durability of your vehicle's wheels. Priced at $200, this specialized treatment provides a protective layer that enhances resilience against dirt, brake dust, and environmental elements. Experience a sleek and pristine finish on your wheels, ensuring they maintain their shine and appeal for miles to come.
Enhanced durability
Protection against dirt and dust
Sleek finish
Long-lasting shine


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whole wheel and calipers

Our Whole Wheel and Calipers service offers comprehensive protection and enhancement for your vehicle's wheels and calipers. Priced at $500, this premium package ensures every detail receives expert attention, resulting in a durable and glossy finish that resists dirt, brake dust, and environmental elements. Elevate the appearance and resilience of your wheels and calipers with this specialized ceramic coating treatment.
Comprehensive wheel and caliper protection
Expert attention to detail
Durable, glossy finish
Resists dirt, brake dust, and elements


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